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10 Liter Dry Bag


10 Liter Dry Bag

The Seattle Sports Omni Dry Stuff Sack, is a multi purpose bag which is perfect for any outdoor adventure. This dry stuff sack, with a durable vinyl body, can store your belongings and keep them dry when you're camping or hiking. Since its made of waterproof material, all your belongings are kept well away from humidity all the time. Its abrasion resistant bottom, helps support the weight of your belongings right through out your journey. Thanks to its super-seal 3-roll closure feature, water and dirt do not enter the stuff sack. Its D-ring provides a lashing tight seal for the stuff sack's mouth. With its adjustable padded shoulder straps, the sack can be carried around comfortably. Its lightweight and can be folded and stowed away easily. Pack with the Seattle Sports Omni Dry Stuff Sack and set out on your next adventure for an unforgettable experience.



Category: Kayaking

Seattle Sports Omni Dry Stuff Sack


5.5-11 in. dia. x 39.5/14-28 x 100 cm





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