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Kayak Paddle


Kayak Paddle

Carbon-fiber shaft is very light, stays warm in your hands on cool days, and offers a bit of flex for paddling comfort. Grooves on the ferrule prevent sand and sludge build-up, maintaining a tight, trouble-free ferrule for years of use. ABX resin blade material, a blend of fiberglass-reinforced nylon, provides excellent durability when pushing off rocks or barnacles. Asymmetrical dihedral blade shape provides a flutter-free stroke with superior directional control. Feathering is adjustable to 60° right-hand control or unfeathered. Rubber drip rings help keep hands and lap dry.


Category: Kayaking



Blade size 6.25 x 18 inches

Feather angle0/60 degrees (right)


220cm: 31.5 ounces

230cm: 33.5 ounces


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