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Group Exercise Classes

Group Exercise classes at the Student Recreation and Fitness Center offer participants the opportunity to work out under the guidance of educated instructors that emphasize fun, safety, and wellness. All classes are geared for beginner and intermediate levels of participation.

Class Descriptions

Aqua Aerobics

Aqua Aerobics is not only a fun way to maintain sound cardiovascular fitness, but its also an excellent method to tone your body and muscles. All the while, you are enjoying ALL the benefits of a refreshing dip in the pool!

Burn up to 400 calories!

Boot Camp

Challenge yourself to a moderately intense workout that changes from class to class. Bootcamp is a class designed to offer moderate to high intensity training, total body conditioning, core training and speed and agility training in a non-traditional format.

Burn up to 550 calories!

Butts & Guts

Butts-n-Guts is a strength training class that will focus on the glutes and abs. We will do a variety of exercises using small hand weights, body weight, balance balls, and mats. Each class will start with a brief warm-up, then progress to a workout at the intensity of your choice then followed by a calming cool-down. So get you butts and guts in here for a great workout.

Burn up to 440 calories!

Cycle Fit

In this indoor cycling fitness class, an instructor will guide you through imaginative terrains with invigorating music and visualization for 60 minutes.  Whatever your fitness level may be, you can increase your strength, cardio capacity, and improve your overall fitness.  Don't forget to bring your towel and water bottle!  This class is limited to 14 participants.

Burn up to 550 calories!

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is an hour long dance class that involves a warm-up, stretching and bouncy hip hop combination. All of this will help with your rhythmic abilities.

Burn up to 300 calories!


This jazz class will teach you the basics of jazz dance, while getting a full body workout. We will be doing new, hot jazz combinations, so get ready to work!

Burn up to 300 calories!


Jujitsu is an ancient martial art developed by the samurai in ancient Japan. In the event that a warrior lost his sword, he could continue the fight using only bare hands.
Jujitsu stresses using an opponent's own strength against them by redirecting the attack. Students are taught how to roll safely, how to fall safely, throwing techniques, escapes from grabs, how to block punches and submission techniques.

Burn up to 400 calories!


Anyone is welcome to the yoga class. It is a mixed level class that focuses on strength, flexibility, and balance. We will work out the arms, back, abs, legs...and probably muscles you did not even know existed. But it is all about how far each person wants to take it. Instructions and demonstrations will be provided, but everyone does only what they feel comfortable doing. Be ready to sweat, stretch, listen to some music...and hopefully have some fun and feel good at the end of class.

Burn up to 380 calories!